Get Your Fence Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Fence Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Fence Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are near and that means you need to get your home in order. If you have family and friends coming to your house, it is time to start cleaning and giving your home that festive feeling. No matter which type of holiday you celebrate, it all comes down to being with family and friends you love. When it comes to decorating, things can get out of hand. Take a drive through some neighborhoods and you are bound to see homes decked out in all the trimmings. Snowmen, Menorahs, Christmas lights, Inflatable Turkeys, you name it and we have probably seen it.

Don’t just deck the halls, deck your fences with color and festivity! As long as you don’t live in a neighborhood with a strict HOA, you should be able to turn your fence into one that is ready for the holidays. By ready for the holidays, we mean turning a once plain fence into one that is proud to be noticed! Add some flair with garland, color and other decorative pieces. Consider painting it, if it is wood, to a festive holiday color. Nothing says Christmas quite like a nativity scene on your yard. How about spraying your fence with some of that fake snow stuff?! Whatever you do, just remember that you will need to clean the fences and make it look like normal once the holiday buzz is over.

Now that you have your Holiday lights on your home, try adding some to your fence. White, Red, Blue, these are all popular light choices for fences. A split rail fences and picket fences are true Americana style fences. If your home is situated in the country, then your home is perfect for holiday decorations. Your split rail or picket fence could use some decorations. It is easy to turn your home, even in California, into a wonderland. Check your local store for holiday lights.

Whether you love the holidays or are a Grinch, you can’t help but notice a fences decorated for the holidays. The look on a young child’s face when they see your decorations is priceless. Create fun memories and be known as the happy neighbor that loves the holiday and the warmth it brings. GSM loves the holidays and can take care of your fences, garage doors, fences, and much more!

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There are many unique fence ideas for your modern home. Modern homes are a site to behold. Shouldn’t your fence be one as well? When you drive through certain neighborhoods, you can see the many unique fence designs surrounding properties. Some unique fence ideas might include sculpture designs, recycled materials, decorative designs, metal, glass, and much more. Fence ideas are limitless. It all depends on the personality of the homeowner. There are fence and gate companies available that can create and design fences that are unique, fresh, and exciting.

Fence Ideas

fence ideas

Unique fence

Modern home designs are fascinating to look at. You can keep your modern home safe and secure with a privacy fence. There are privacy fence ideas designed to look contemporary while still adding security and privacy. From sleek homes set to look mysterious and hidden to grand, modern homes designed to show off the latest architectural trends, fences protect all these homes. It is easy to get caught up at the marvel of these homes. Have you ever looked at the fencing around the property? If you take a close look at the property, you will see that exquisite gates and fences guard these modern homes.

An automatic fence is not only attractive it makes for a convenient entrance into the home. Automatic fence ideas include fences made from steel, custom wood, aluminum, glass, recycled materials, or bamboo. There really is no shortage of fence ideas. Homeowners with an open budget can get very creative with their fence ideas. Automatic gates and fences keep strangers from entering your property. This is important, especially for celebrities or those in the public profile. Keep the weirdoes and stalkers from entering your property with an automatic gate and fence.

Tennis courts and landscaped gardens are perfect spots for unique fence ideas. If you are lucky enough to have a tennis court on your property then you know about attractive fences. You can go the traditional route of chain link fences or go for a modern approach. We have seen tennis courts surrounded by modern fence styles. Even a chain link fence can be made to look fun and unique. Add a privacy slat that resembles grass for that “grass wall” look. There are privacy slats available like that. If you have a landscaped garden chances are you want it to look well maintained. A garden fence keeps critters from getting into the garden. It can also keep people from walking onto your plants and other vegetation. There are wide varieties of fence ideas for gardens and tennis courts. Contact your local fence company for ideas on getting started.

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garage door balance

Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs are things that most homeowners do not like to think about until it is too late. Thing is, garage doors are what keeps our homes safe. Imagine if you had a broken garage door where just anyone could enter your home? A broken garage door can lead to unwanted guests entering your home and could lead to burglary or worse. This scenario unfortunately does happen. There are ways to keep this from happening. First, regular inspection of the garage doors helps troubleshoot any problems. People lead busy lives. If you do not have time for garage door inspection then you should call a garage door professional.

Garage Door Inspection

Garage door inspection, done by a qualified professional, is a great way to keep your garage door looking and working great. Prevent garage door repairs with a routine garage door inspection. A routine maintenance plan is an excellent way to keep the garage door repairs away. GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences offers garage door maintenance plans for residential homes and commercial properties. Garage door repairs are required when the springs break. Garage door springs breaking is one of the main causes for garage door repairs.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

Replacing garage door springs is not an easy task. Garage door repairs that require garage door springs should be left to professional technicians. Whether you need torsion springs replaced or extension springs replaced, this type of garage door repair can be dangerous. Garage door repairs do not have to cost a fortune. There are reputable companies, such as GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences that offer affordable rates on garage door repairs. Leave the hard work to the pros. Who wants to risk injury or even death, not many people that is for sure. That is why a trained technician is there, to do all the garage door repairs so you do not have to.


Balance, it is what your garage door needs to be for it to work to its fullest potential. An unbalanced garage door will let in air and make it easy for critters to get inside your garage. Keep the skunks out of your garage by keeping your garage door balanced. Garage door repairs include balancing a garage door. This can be done by checking the springs and making any adjustments. A professional garage door technician can usually do the job in less than hour. GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences offers great deals on all types of garage door repairs.

Garage door repairs do not have to be something you should have to worry about. With proper maintenance, your garage door should work properly for many years. Over time, garage door repairs may be necessary. This is due to factors such as weather and use. If you use your garage door often, then you may need garage door repairs sooner. Contact a professional garage door technician and have them inspect your garage door. Keeping your garage door working can prevent future injuries to pets and children.

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Old Garage Door

Garage doors have been evolving over time, from basic wood garage doors to current styles made from insulated steel panels; you can feel and see the instant upgrade of garage door replacement. However, what happens to that old, beat up garage door once it has been replaced?

Artistic types may want to use the old garage door for an art project. Do you have a youngster yearning to express himself or herself? Hand them a can of paint and have them go at it! That old, beat up garage door makes the perfect canvas. Stop by any flea market and you are bound to see an art project made from garage door panels. The vintage look is in and an old garage door is certainly vintage!

Garage Doors Replacement

Replacing your garage door with a new one is one way to upgrade the look of your home. When you call a garage door professional from GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences, they can replace your old garage door with one that is well insulated. Steel panel, insulated garage doors are some of the best garage door panels available today. Garage doors can be heavy and require heavy lifting techniques. What you decide to do with your old garage door is entirely up to you. In most cases however, the garage door professional will take it and dispose of it properly.

Rather than build a garage door version of Stonehenge, you may want to have the garage door company take your older garage door. In some cases, the garage door is so beat up that it may be best to break it down into pieces. If this is the case, there are artists that can transform a used garage door into a recycled art piece. Artists are creative and do not be surprised when you see used garage doors becoming the latest art gallery craze.

Once your garage door has been replaced, some may want to use the old wooden garage door to for fire pits. While this may work, it is not recommended. In some countries, old garage doors are used to build homes. While this practice is most common in third world countries, it is not unusual to see young children using old garage doors to build playhouses.

While there are many uses for old garage doors, garage door replacement professionals will provide the easiest solution for your old garage door. Older homes are especially prone to garage door replacement. The garage doors of old are nowhere near the quality of the new garage doors on the market. When you call an expert for garage door replacement you can upgrade your garage with one built to last and one that offers energy saving. It is recommended installing insulated steel panel garage doors. Insulated steel panel garage doors can help keep the heat in your garage and reduce energy costs.

Call the professionals from GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences for garage door replacement. Let us take care of your old garage door for you, unless of course, you are the next brave new artist!

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Beautiful Entry Gate

Entry gates create an inviting entryway while providing security and privacy. A well-designed entry gate can keep the solicitors from interrupting your Saturday morning meditation or coffee break. When you think of entry gates most people think of castles or large mansions, however, entry gates are affordable for every home. Driveway gates, entrance gates and pathway gates are just a few of the entry gate available. All of which can be customized.

Entry Gates Types

Entry gates provide homeowners with added security and privacy, which, in today’s world is an unfortunate necessity. Entry gate can keep robbers and con artists from getting onto your private property. Sure, dogs are great security but caring for an animal takes more effort than adding an entry gate for your property. Plus, there is no mess to clean up! Some of the most widely used entry gate include driveway gates and entry gate for the entrance and pathway of your home. Entry gates can be beautiful works of art or constructed to look simple and efficient. The entry gate design and style really depends on the personal taste of the homeowner. Iron gates are a popular entry gate choice. Iron gates can be fashioned to look exquisite and fancy or artistic and flashy. Professional welders can transform a plain iron gate into a work of art.

Steel gates and aluminum gates are iron gate alternatives. Both steel gates and aluminum gates are versatile and can be created to look exquisite while still providing security and privacy. Wood gates and vinyl gates are entry gate that never go out of style. Easy to maintain entry gate are great for the home. Of the entry gates materials, vinyl is the easiest to maintain and upkeep. Whichever entry gate you choose, it is sure to make a lasting impression in your neighborhood.

Automatic Gates

Now that you have an entry gate for your driveway and entrance you might consider adding a gate operator. An automatic gate for driveway gates and entry gates are luxury items that are affordable thanks to companies such as GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences. These days convenience is king. With an automatic gate you can simply press a button to open the gate. This is great for those rainy days and nights. Automatic gates are ideal for those nights when you arrive to your home past midnight.

Automatic gates are usually swing out or slide in styles. Some of the most popular entry gate openers are solar powered, hydraulic or wireless keypad entry systems. Choose from entry gate that will complement your home. There are so many designs to choose. There are professional designers that can even help turn one of your gate ideas to life. No matter how wild you think your idea is, a professional can make it happen. Let your personality shine! A gate specialist can assist you with making the right choice for your home.

Entry gate, whether for your driveway or your entrance are a practical home improvement that will raise the value of your home. Call a professional gate and fence specialist and beautify your home.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are one of the best inventions to happen to garage doors in many years. No one misses the days of having to get out of your car each and every time you open and close the garage door. Garage door openers have saved more than a few people from developing back problems too. Garage doors can be heavy, thanks to garage door openers, you no longer have to break your back lifting the garage door. Garage door openers have come a long way from their humble beginning.

Garage Door Openers Types

Garage door openers are available in three available styles. Each style performs differently and is suited for different garage doors. The three main styles are screw drive openers, belt drive openers and chain drive garage door openers. Of the three, chain drive and belt drive are the most common. There was a time when owning garage door openers were a luxury item. Thankfully, garage door openers are within reach of most budgets. These days it is very common to see residential garage door openers doing the heavy lifting.

Chain drive garage door openers are typically the least expensive of the three garage door openers. As the name implies, a metal chain is the main moving component. While they are the least expensive, they tend to be on the louder side. That being said, many people like the louder style opener because it re-affirms that it is closing or opening the garage door. However, if you live in a two-story home, the occupant whose room is above the garage will beg you to install a quieter garage door opener.

Belt drive openers are ideal for homeowners choosing a quieter garage door opener. Since they run from a rubber belt, they tend to run very quiet. It is perfect for people that cannot stand the sound of the chain drive variety. If money is not too much of an issue, then belt drive openers could be for you. They tend to cost a bit more than their chain drive counterpart does, however, the cost is offset by the quiet operation.

Remote Garage Door Openers

Some days there is nothing quite like pulling into your driveway and simply clicking the remote garage door opener. Garage door opener remotes are widely available and come in many different shapes and sizes. It can be a real drag to lose your remote. Keyless keypad entry systems are the next best thing. By simply punching in your secret code, you can operate the garage door opener.

Choosing a professional garage door repair technician is a wise move for homeowners. A professional will properly install garage door openers and all of the accessories the right way the first time. GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences carry all of the best garage door opener manufacturers and accessories made by top brands such as Genie and Chamberlain. Over time, garage door openers will start to fail.

Keep your garage door opener properly maintained and let the opener do all the heavy lifting!

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Dog Runs, Gates and Fences, San Diego County Gates and Fences

Dog Run

Dog runs can keep your dog happy when you do not have the time to walk your dog. Most dog runs are fenced-in areas in the yard where the dog can run freely without a leash. We know that dogs need a lot of exercise. Keeping dogs happy can be tough when you are not home. Instead of the dog digging holes trying to find the lost underground city, a dog run can keep the dogs mind off its next adventure to doggieland.

Dogs are not too picky about the look of a dog run. However, the human dog owner may want its friend to have a fancy dog run. Dog runs do not have to be ugly. The dog fence you choose to have may be a reflection of you and your dogs personality. A fence contractor can design and build a dog run with fencing material that can enhance the home.

There are stores that sell do-it-yourself dog runs that are affordable yet not really attractive or secure. If you really want to have the best dog run in the neighborhood, it may be best to call a fence contractor. A professional fence contractor can build a dog run in your yard that is safe, secure, attractive and built to last. A dog run can be built to match the fencing in your yard too.

Dog Runs

Dog runs can be built from a wide range of materials. Many homeowners love the look of wood. Unfortunately, if you have a dog that loves to chew on anything then wood dog runs may not be for you. The good news is that dog runs can be made from stronger materials such as steel, aluminum, or iron.

Size matters, especially for dogs. Small dogs do not mind smaller dog runs. However, if you have a larger dog and you do not have time to walk him then a larger dog run is a must. GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences can build a large dog run that will keep your dog happy. A happy dog is one that your family will love. Imagine the look on your dogs face when it does its first lap around the fence!

Dog runs are not just for the dogs. Your plants, trees and grass will be at peace now that your dog has its own place to call home. We all love our dogs. We do not love our dogs when they destroy the landscape we have worked so hard to keep looking good. There is no doubt about it, dog runs make the household happy and keeps your yard looking good.

Dog runs can get fancy. GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences can build a dog run with an automatic gate. Amaze your dog when you push a button and the dog run fence gate open on its own! Going out of town? Dog runs are great for the house sitter. The sitter can feed the dog, let it run around in the dog run and still watch your house.

Do not bark up the wrong tree. Call a professional fence contractor that can build a dog run that keeps your dog healthy, safe and happy.

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Insulated garage doors, energy efficient garage doors, San Diego Garage Door Replacement

Insulated Garage Door

Insulated garage doors are energy efficient garage doors built with the latest advances in garage door construction. Insulated garage doors are energy efficient. Not only do energy efficient garage doors look great, they are built to reduce energy use and can save you money. To think Green is one thing, to act Green is even better. Green building practices today have incorporated energy efficient garage doors into the mix. Now, there are good reasons to own an energy efficient door. For one, if you have converted your garage into a spare room then an energy efficient garage door is important. Having a door that is well insulated will keep the heat inside the garage. There is no reason to freeze your garage tenants! Insulated garage doors will keep the draft from coming into your home.

Insulated Garage Doors

Have you ever tried to start your car when it is freezing outside? It can take quiet a while to start up and if you are already late for work, it can make you even tardier. Keep your boss happy and keep your job with a car that starts on time, even in frigid temperatures. With a proper energy efficient garage door your garage will not get as cold. Limit the loss of heat to your garage and your car will be easier to start in cold temperatures. Add insulated garage doors to your garage and start your car every time.

If you use your garage as a workspace, then keeping it warm is important. Who wants to work in a cold room? Energy efficient garage doors are great for keeping the heat in the garage so you can keep working on your projects. For anyone that has lived above the garage, the importance of a warmer garage is evident. Keep the cold air out, leave the warm air in with insulated garage doors.

Hiring the right Garage Door Professional

Choosing the right garage door installer is a key element for energy efficiency. Many manufacturers claim to have R-Value rated garage doors. R-value rated garage doors claim to be energy efficient, however, many of these claims are not backed up by facts. Testing for R-value ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. There are reputable manufactures of insulated garage doors, such as Wayne Dalton and Clopay Building Products, just to name a few. A garage door expert knows what to look for in energy efficient garage doors. This is why it is very important to find a professional garage door expert. A properly installed garage door will help eliminate any gaps where wind may get in. A trained technician will ensure that insulated garage doors are properly balanced and test for any open areas. GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences technicians are fully certified, licensed and insured.

The home will reap the benefits of an energy efficient garage door. From there you may want to install energy efficient windows too. We all want to save money and feel comfortable in our homes. Once you have energy efficient garage doors installed those cold winter months will feel warmer.

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White Picket Fence

The picket fence is as American as apple pie. The traditional white picket fence is a fixture all across America. In the classic Mark Twain story The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom is made to whitewash the fence as punishment. Picket fences looks great in a yard and add protection and privacy. Traditional style homes all across America and even contemporary style homes have adopted picket fences. Just like the wonderful apple pie, the traditional look of the picket fence never goes out style.

When you think about the classic picket fence, the Gothic fence style comes to mind. This style fence is most widely seen on front yards across America. For a rustic look, the fence can be kept a solid wood color. The rustic look looks great on country style homes. Back in the days of Mark Twain, the fence material of choice was wood. These days, there are many types of picket fence materials to choose. A fence and gate can be constructed from wood, vinyl, plastic, PVC, Eco-friendly bamboo, aluminum, the possibilities are endless. The look of a picket fence is one that never goes out of style.

Picket Fence Ideas

The picket fence looks good on any piece of the home property. A picket fence can be seen enhancing the front yard of a house and the back yard of a house. Many homeowners have a fence built to house a garden. The look of an overgrown garden on a picket fence is a classic. Surround your vegetable garden with a sweet little picket fence to keep critters away. The picket fence is ideal for keeping pests away from your future food. A traditional cottage home is enhanced by the look of a white picket fence. A professional fence contractor can build a picket fence rather quickly. No matter what material you use, the look of a picket fence never goes out of style.

The vinyl fence is a style that is popular with homeowners. Though it is a bit more modern than the wood variety, it can still be made to give a classic American look. As good as the apple pie is, there are pie alternatives that are just as good. The same rule applies to the picket fence. A fence does not have to be constructed of wood. A picket fence can be made of aluminum. Though not as pretty as wood, aluminum is made to last. Eco-friendly bamboo is a material that is ideal for a picket fence. Not only does it look fantastic, it can be made from fast growing bamboo. A professional can construct a picket fence using any material.

Choose a professional to build your fence and have it built right. Whether you want a white fence, cedar fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence, steel fence or bamboo fence, the classic look of a well built fence will add beauty to any home. When you are ready to add the classic American look of the picket fence, contact GSM Garage Doors, Gates and Fences. We are experts at building and repairing gates and fences from any type of material.

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Automatic Gate

Automatic gates make homeowners happy. The simple things in life are worth remembering. Owning an automatic gate is a simple pleasure that brings us much joy. An automatic gate adds security and privacy and can make your home feel like a castle. Who wouldn’t want their family to feel safe on their house property? With an automatic gate installed on your driveway, you can control the entrance and keep thieves from entering your property. Automatic gates are great because they bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to your property. Increasing the property value makes homeowners happy!

Automatic Gates

There is a wide variety of automatic gates and styles to choose. Automatic gates can swing out or slide-in. They can be constructed from wrought iron, steel, wood, and aluminum materials. An exquisite automatic driveway gate can add instant curb appeal. It feels good to drive up to your home and see the automatic gate boost the property value. Your neighbors will love it too and it may start a neighborhood trend. You will be able to tell friends and family how you started the trend of neighborhood beautification.

Electric gates and automatic gates have seen an increase in popularity. Choosing the perfect automatic gate for your driveway is fun and rewarding. Automatic gates can be custom made, handcrafted works of art. Amaze your neighbors and the neighborhood with an automatic gate or electric gate that is truly awe-inspiring. Automatic gates can be custom made to your exact specifications too. Let your personality shine with an automatic gate style that displays your personal taste and style. A professional should install automatic gates. When the automatic gate is installed on your driveway, you will love it! Choosing which company to install your automatic gate can be a tough decision, thankfully GSM Garage Doors, which serves all of Southern California, provides the best automatic gate service with superior customer service.

Automatic gates bring much joy to the household due to their beauty, privacy and security features. When your friends and family drive up to your driveway and see the automatic gate, they know that they will be entering into your own person castle. Let your animals run free in your yard and let the children play. Automatic gates provide the comfort of security you would expect from electric and automatic gates. Automatic gates are not just for the rich and famous. Automatic gates are priced to fit any size budget. T

Once you have a professional install your automatic driveway gate you will need to choose from one of the many automatic gate openers on the market. This can be a fun, yet daunting task. If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner then a solar powered automatic gates opener is the one for you. Let the sun power your automatic gate opener, it sure is a great way to lower energy usage. Stay up-to-date and be the role model in your neighborhood by choosing a solar powered automatic gate opener. When you see how much you are saving in energy costs, you will be glad that you went the route of a solar powered automatic gate opener.

Automatic gates will see an increase in popularity. Have one installed by a professional and be on the cutting edge of home privacy and security.

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